An Egg-straordinary Thief

Earlier this year, there was extensive press coverage across the world about a Chinese man named Mr Gu, who worked as a security guard for a packaging factory and who stole 1000 eggs from his workplace. These were subsequently found by police all stacked in his fridge!! If this isn't remarkable enough, he'd also individually dated each egg in his own handwriting to ensure that, when he came around to consuming them, they hadn't gone bad. The man was finally discovered by police after about a year of consistent and regular theft, including other items in addition to the eggs such as bags of salt, meats and cleaning products that were used to sanitise the toilets at his workplace. The felony was unravelled when Mr Gu was intercepted by the Chinese police as he was cycling home with two new suitcases he'd stolen from his workplace and couldn't account for.
We can only imagine the scene that unfolded when the police officers went to search this man's home to discover not only the 1000 eggs bursting out of his refrigerator but also the plethora of other goods in huge quantities that he'd stolen. He even hinted that EVERYTHING in his home had been stolen at some point of other in time. It's not known exactly how long Mr Gu had been stealing over the course of his lifetime, but this particular spree that was targeted at his workplace, spanned a 12 month period. Whilst this story is unusual and comical, there's a very serious side to it too as clearly Mr Gu is suffering from a mental health disorder that drives people to steal. Psychologists seek to understand what motivates us to do certain things or behave in certain ways and why our drive and determination starts to become extreme or obsessive. There's a label that can be used to describe this behaviour - obsessive compulsive disorder and, more specifically in Mr Gu's case, kleptomania, the compulsion to steal.
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