An Environmentally-friendly Way To Tackle Those Stubborn Garden Weeds

Therefore, the best solution is to make your own DIY herbicide in your kitchen from completely natural, non-polluting ingredients. You’ll find this homemade solution will effectively tackle the weeds but won’t endanger your health or harm the environment!

A homemade herbicide solution

The main ingredient used to make an effective, natural homemade weed killer is apple cider vinegar. This contains acetic acid, which is also found in regular vinegar and is powerful enough to ensure that within two or three days after treatment the weeds in your garden will start to wither. Ideally, you should spray the vinegar on the weeds on a daily basis over a period of several days to ensure treatment is effective. Bear in mind that apple cider vinegar is a general plant killer and if you’re not careful it could contaminate your good plants and kill these too if you allow it to come into contact with them! For this reason, you should exercise maximum care and attention when spraying the weeds and avoid your precious flowers that you want to preserve. If you encounter tough weeds that seem to be resistant to your attempts to kill them with apple cider vinegar alone, you can strengthen the solution and create a wondrous mix with:
An environmentally-friendly way to tackle those stubborn garden weeds
  • 2 cups of Epsom salt
  • 4 litres of apple cider
  • A quarter of a cup of vinegar detergent (used for washing dishes).
Mix the cider vinegar with the Epsom salt in a bucket until you get a good consistency. At this point, you can add the vinegar detergent for dishes. Once mixed, the best way to dispense the solution is through a spray bottle. Spray the solution directly onto the weeds.

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