An Inspirational Story To Anyone Who Gets Bullied At School


For anybody that has had to put up with the terrible actions of bullies at school, this terrific story should make them smile and be inspired. Bullying was part of the life of nine-year-old Milla Bizzotto, but now, those same bullies think twice before messing with her. It has all happened in a six month period when this slip-of-a-girl shot from relative obscurity to stardom on the social networking circuit. The reason is very simple and is a story that we can all take inspiration from.

The hobby that changed her life

Do you remember the tale where the man gets sand kicked in his face, and then decides to build his muscles up and eventually turns the tables and wins all of the girls?

Well, this is a very similar story. Milla, who comes from Florida, was just like any average school kid but had a hobby that she followed with a passion. Most girls of nine are barely out of the habit of playing with their Cindy Dolls, and the most energetic after school activity is downloading pictures of themselves onto Facebook. Milla, however, was already very much into the mentality of going to the gym for daily workouts, and this is where our story begins.

The workouts

Encouraged by her dad, this Milla not only went to the gym daily for a workout, but she absolutely loved it. Now this is a hobby that brings some astonishing results if it is done consistently and under the correct supervision.

Her dad obviously was a great teacher because these days, when Milla Bizzotto takes off her shirt to do training she looks 'the business,' and any bully in the vicinity would quietly move towards the nearest exit and run as far away as possible.

Those grueling three-hour sessions take place from Monday to Friday. These days she has become just too good for her dad to keep up with. She now has a team of multiple trainers and her own sports doctor. This is because she is so young and it is essential that she doesn't do too much and damage her body.

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