An Old Pot Contains A Phenomenal Ancient Surprise

So, the initial signs were positive! Further scientific and analytical tests on the seeds showed that they came from a species of squash plant that was believed to be long extinct. The students decided to plant the seeds even though they didn’t want to raise their hopes too high in case the passage of time had ruined the chances of growing into plants. The results were very surprising and has lead to a story that has gone viral as people all over the world learn about the ancient, extinct squash and what happened when its seeds were planted in an attempt to grow them into viable plants in the 21st century.

Incredible edible relics

Several months after planting, the seeds began to grow. In fact, they grew into huge, succulent healthy squash plants! They were given the name “Gete-okosomin”, which means something like “Beautiful Old Squash”. The largest of the seeds grew into a squash specimen that was an incredible 3 feet in length and 18lbs in weight. However, these “beautiful old squash” plants meant so much more to the archaeology students than just a plant. It represented a historical period in time where local communities grew their own organic food and everyone had a right to live off their own produce, surviving through their hard work to sow and tend their vegetable plots.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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