An Old Pot Contains A Phenomenal Ancient Surprise

An old pot in the ground contains a surprise

Archeological digs take place every year all over the world as archaeologists try to discover ancient relics from bygone years and gain information about the lives and customs of our ancestors. This is the story of one particular archaeological dig in Wisconsin, USA, where the students digging unearthed an ancient clay pot containing what appeared to be a cluster of seeds. They believed that the pot was buried some 800 years ago on the Indian reservation where it was discovered. The pot was about the size of a tennis ball and was carbon dated by scientists to show how long it had been lying underground. The pot itself was not such a revelation but its contents aroused great curiosity. The multitude of large, flat seeds was a little like flattened walnuts. They made the students very curious to find out what type they were and whether they would still be able to grow them into healthy plants, given the hundreds of years they had been lying dormant. It was obvious that the seeds had an enormous resistance to both the weather and the passage of time and had done exceptionally well to survive 800 years in the seemingly good condition in which they were found.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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