Archaeological Art - Ten New Wonders Of The World

1. Mythical Moa birds
Moa birds were native to the habitat island of New Zealand. History can tell us that there were probably twelve species in all, and although they did not fly, they were a formidable force as they weighed about 200 kilograms and could be up to three metres tall. Not much factual information is readily available about these great birds as they existed long before humans came to live on the island. It's said the Maori tribes were largely responsible for their eventual extinction as they preyed on them as good food sources. Thanks to scientific research, an expedition uncovered this Moa bird claw which survived in tact.
2. The Temple Complex of Saksaywaman
The temple complex of Saksaywaman is located 2 km north of Cusco, in Peru. This archaeological hotspot is home to thousands of returning tourists, and it's easy to see why. Dubbed as one of the 'new' seven wonders of the world, this enormous construction has baffled the minds of many, as the walls appear seamless. Each piece of brick was inserted without any mortar giving the stones a circular structure and effortless polished finish. The temple consists of walls, rooms, towers and a maze of canals and underground chambers. It was primarily built as a place of worship and even now, thousands turn out to venerate when the festival of the sun is celebrated on June 24th. It's probably why the Inca's aptly titled it 'The house of the sun.'
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