Are You House-proud Or A Neat Freak? - Fifteen Tips For The Cleanaholic.


15 - Microwave magic

Here's a neat little trick that will get your microwave spick and span in no time at all. Take a regular household cleaning sponge, wet it, pour some liquid soap on the surface and work it up into a thick lather. Place the sponge on a plate inside the oven. Turn the settings to the lowest power dial and time it to go off after thirty seconds. Clean the inside of the microwave with the sponge. Excessive grime and food particles will come off much easier, plus the soapy sponge will soak up any lingering odours.

14 - Spruce up your art work with the help of a bagel

It sounds bizarre, but if you happen to be an art lover and you're afraid you'll destroy your favourite paintings with ordinary cleaning agents, baking ingredients can be very useful for cleaning delicate and valuable items. Simply slice a regular bagel in half and gently dust down your painting. The bagel will inject some new life into your favourite piece without causing damage to the original paint. It will also bring extra shine and colour definition to light. Be sure to brush off any remaining crumbs by using a dry, clean duster afterwards.

13 - Rejuvenating old mattresses and couch surfaces

We all tend to ignore areas in the home that aren't always openly visible to the naked eye, like mattresses and sofa surfaces. Nonetheless, they should get a spring cleaning once in a while as they can store dirt, hair, grime and skin particles. A simple resolution is to sprinkle some regular baking soda from the kitchen press onto these surfaces. Leave the baking soda on the surface for a good few hours so it has time to penetrate the fibres. Vacuum the surface thoroughly, for a clean and fresh finish.

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