Are You Suffering From Anxiety Girls? Here Are Ten Natural Ways To Help You Out.


1 - Herbal Teas.

Chamomile tea has long been regarded as having a calming effect, which is not surprising when one realises that it contains compounds of matricaria recutia, a natural substance which mimics the action of some strong anti-anxiety prescription drugs, like Valium. In a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania Medical Centre in Philadelphia, patients with general anxiety disorders who took chamomile supplement for a couple of months showed a strong decrease in anxiety symptoms compared to patients who took a placebo. To ensure that you get sufficient benefit you need to be drinking at least three cups of chamomile tea a day. If you don’t fancy that or you find the tea a little unpalatable for your taste, then use a supplement like those in the trial which are typically standardised to contain 1.2% apigenin. Chamomile tea is available from most health food shops and even some supermarkets.

2 - Exercise

Exercising to reduce anxiety is sometimes referred to as the twenty minute cure; the approximate time it takes for exercise to reliably reduce anxiety. Exercise is a good way to counter depression and anxiety. People often get anxious about their physical well being and exercise helps change their focus. Anxiety, induced by stress makes the body produce the flight or fight response hormones, cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones cause energy levels to rise, muscles to tense and the heart to beat faster. A good way to release that tension is through exercise which raises endorphins, those feel good hormones. So, step on that treadmill or cross trainer and twenty minutes later step off feeling less stressed. If gym membership isn’t for you walk as fast as you can for twenty minutes each day and get your heart rate up. Remember always check with your doctor before beginning an exercise regime.

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