Aspirin Is Good For Your Skin!

The power of aspirin does not just get us through a cold. Its new power is only just being discovered by women around the world and it’s sweeping the nation: aspirin is good for your skin. The little white tablet that we all have in the bathroom or keep in the cupboard has amazing benefits to the beauty of our skin. Are you wondering how? Let’s take a look! Few people know that the main ingredient used in aspirin, salicylic acid, is also found in apricots, oranges, red fruits and white willow. The latter are often used by cosmetic companies in a variety of skin care products and beauty masks for their beneficial effects. In most cases, it has the ability to regenerate and hydrate dry skin, remove wrinkles and fight oily skin. Here are some of its other properties and how you can use them to your advantage!


It has been shown for some time that salicylic acid when used on the skin has a keratolytic effect and can remove the outer layer of skin, cleaning it from the impurities it’s accumulated. The acetylsalicylic acid content in aspirin has this same miraculous effect as the salicylic acid in beauty products, but with a slight difference: it has an additional chemical reaction called acetylation. The acetylation of salicylic acid reduces the side effects on the body, but still boasts its awesome properties. It’s in this way that the simple, common aspirin makes an excellent base for the preparation of a powerful facial mask.

The Recipe

The ingredients are simple, easily available and cost next to nothing. You will need: 5 aspirin tablets (not the effervescent kind), about a tablespoon of natural organic honey and natural white yogurt.
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