Athena - Fashion Forward Safety Jewellery For Total Peace Of Mind.

Despite government statistics assuring us that violent crime is on the decrease, the fact remains that millions living in towns and cities simply don't feel safe walking from A to B any more. In years gone by, rape whistles, pepper spray and even Tasers were popular choices for those looking to arm themselves with a deterrent, but in recent years, legislation and regulation has forced many of these once popular devices off the market. Factor in the significant cost of some of these deterrents, and it's no wonder that many individuals have put paramount safety concerns on the back burner.

Wearable tech catches up with personal protection

ROAR for Good, a company specializing in wearable tech and smart safety jewellery, hopes to chance the way people think about their personal protection. The company recently unveiled Athena, a stylish range of incredibly discreet, but high-powered anti-attack alarms designed to seamlessly integrate with everyday wardrobes. Easily clipped on to bags, coats or clothing, the Athena device can also be worn around the neck for easy access and operation in the worst case scenario.

Multiple alarm modes and GPS positioning

Navigating around the licensing and ownership issues of firearms and more aggressive defences, Athena instead incorporates deafening alarm tones and disorienting optics to deter attackers, giving the victim plenty of time to make their escape or call for assistance. Users can also trigger a silent alarm for when they need to be discreet, sending a notice to pre-selected contacts that they're in trouble, along with their GPS co-ordinates to allow for more rapid response in emergencies.

Powered by crowd-funding

Athena is the brainchild of Yasmine Mustafa, founder and CEO of ROAR for Good. The safety device specialists have a simple mission in mind, to help install confidence in its users and, ultimately, to save lives. After the initial research and design stage, the makers of Athena turned to crowd-funding to take their innovation forward to the next stage in manufacturing and distribution, with donations quickly pouring in. As of November 2015, the Athena project page at IndieGoGo has achieved over six times its original target, with international press quick to jump on the project and promote it.
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