Avoid The Dreaded Mosquito Bite In Ten Easy Steps. (THE TRAP ON PAGE 5)


1 - Cover your back.

If you can, invest in mosquito-resistant clothing. Mosquitoes can bite through ordinary clothing, hence it's often said that we should wear looser-fitting garments in an effort to avoid bites. Although this is sensible, mosquitoes can sometimes get into our clothes too, so have a look through your clothes, and have a good think about fabric and fit. Decide which clothes will be the most mosquito-proof. Wear long sleeves and full-length trousers wherever possible. Layering garments is ideal, but not necessarily practical. Cover yourself up as much as you comfortably can, and bear in mind that mosquitoes are particularly attracted to darker colours.

2 - Keep cool.

Over millions of years, mosquitoes have evolved to effectively locate their food sources. They can detect heat, and a plethora of chemicals on our skin, in our sweat and even in our breath. While we can't do a great deal about this, keeping as cool, fresh and sweat-free as possible is a start. Keep them out of the house in the first place as much as you can, by employing screens and/ or nets at windows and doors. To make the most of nets, they must be completely sealed around their edges; follow the instructions that come with your net as closely as possible.

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