Baby Car Seats - Convenient Carriers Or Perilous Death Traps?


Car seats and carriers

Car seats and carriers usually have a high standard of child safety but they're mostly designed and created for carrying toddlers in the one to two age bracket. Most modern car seats are manufactured to certain safety standards but this doesn't mean they always work. While many car seats are upright ensuring the baby's breathing ability, accidents can happen. If the baby is left unattended, they can inadvertently slip downwards, causing the head to dip into the chest. This closes the airways to the nasal passages and the mouth leaving the baby unable to pull itself out of the perilous position. Babies who are left to sleep in car seats or carriers should be checked on every five minutes, but some parents are now saying they shouldn't be put to sleep in them at all. One mother, Ali Dodd, from Oklahoma city is one such parent.

A tragic tale

Ali Dodd, left her eleven-week old son in a daycare centre while she went to work. Her infant son Shepard was in perfectly good health when she left him in the care of the experienced staff. Apparently, little Shepard was placed in a baby car seat to sleep, but he wasn't checked on again for two hours. When the staff did check on him he had turned blue and suffocated in the unbuckled seat. The boy's father Derek and mother Ali were completely devastated at the loss of their beloved son. Despite the daycare centre having had issues with sleeping conditions in the past, it remained open for months even after Shepard's untimely passing. Eventually, the DHS agency took away the daycares licence to practice. The story calls for all parents to take stock of the facts. Babies should only be allowed sleep on their backs, in a safe, non-restrictive environment and they should never be left unattended.
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