Bath Time Is Special For These Newborn Twins.

It takes a lot to get people to watch an Internet video clip these days – but one movie that has got the online community talking, though, is a clip showing two adorable five-day-old twins being placed into water by their mother. Mum isn't giving the twins their first ever bath to scare them, but because she cares so much – this form of immersion can make babies feel as though they're still safe and warm inside their mother's womb.

They just won't let go!

As over 20 million people globally have seen, the babies are devoted to each other. Once they're safely in the warm water, they reach for each other's bodies and cling on tightly.
This display of pure, innocent love has charmed everyone who has seen it, ever since the film was made by a nurse in their maternity unit in Paris. The kids do seem, perhaps not surprisingly, to find the world a little strange and disconcerting – after all, they've only been part of it for less than a week! Their mother gently lowers them to the water, and soon they're happy once again.

Familiar surroundings

The twins may have been startled to find themselves back in a warm, watery environment so soon. but they take to it very quickly. Their mother's womb was their home for nine months, and it takes only a few moments for them to relax and enjoy the feeling of buoyancy. The children take up a very similar position to that which they had done before their birth, and in a strange new world full of sights, sounds and smells they have never experienced before, they take comfort from each other's arms. Twins have always had a remarkable bond, but it's rarely shown so intimately.

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