Bear-ly Believable – The £10 Teddy Worth Thousands.

Most people have a favourite teddy bear that they love and cherish almost as much as a living pet. Some hang on to the teddies they had as children, keeping them all their lives and still cuddling them in old age. Others become teddy collectors and look around the world for the best and most attractive bears to add to their stashes. But for a couple who picked up a teddy bear recently, things suddenly became much more interesting, when it turned out that their new Beanie Baby could be worth over £60,000! Like many amazing stories, this one begins in a very ordinary place: a field near the couple's home in the small Cornish town of Launceston.

The bear from the boot sale

Ryan Flanagan and Leah Rogers have always had a keen interest in the world of toys, and they've continued to share it since falling for each other. That's how they spotted the elusive Beanie Baby in the first place. They'd packed up a load of old toys to take to a car boot sale when they noticed a bright purple bear sitting on a stall close to their own. 22-year-old Ryan had been a Beanie Baby collector when he was younger, so had an idea that the bear might be a rare edition. He couldn't check the web at the car boot sale, so took a risk and splashed out £10 to buy the teddy. When he got online at home, he was in for a shock...
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