Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder - Or Is It?


10 - Katy Perry

Blue-eyed beauty Katy Perry, is renowned for her theatrical make-up choices and varying shades of hair colour, but this photo clearly exudes a side of her we are not used to seeing. The snap was apparently taken by her ex-husband Russell Brand and it looks like Katy was no more ready for the results than the rest of us. Katy is famed for her very defined, dense eye-brows and she wears them well with or without make-up. This natural shot, gives us a rare angle and depicts how she looks without her overly accentuated eye-liner, green, pink or purple hair or her signature pouty lips that are often painted with dark and dramatic tones. Katy obviously likes to play it down or play it up with an equal measure of extremes, and this photograph certainly goes a long way to help keep the make-up industry thriving.

9 - Amanda Sayfried

Amanda Sayfried of Mean Girls fame, has the kind of classic bone structure that most women would kill for. Her naturally high cheekbones, flawless skin tone, blonde tresses and luscious lips create a perfect canvas to work on. In short, her classic beauty must be a make-up artist's dream. This gorgeous shot of her going facially nude, proves that some women are just blessed with all the right features. With or without make-up, she's clearly glowing from the inside out. What makes Amanda's look so authentic and appealing is that winning smile. Sadly, make-up artists haven't figured out a way to re-invent that yet, so for now we'll just have to marvel at how a natural smile can (and does) override unnecessary layers of foundation and flapping false eyelashes. Amanda's inherited rosy cheeks make her look like she already spent a day at a beauty salon.
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