Beauty Secret Of The Stars: Eliminate Split Ends By Burning Your Hair!

When speaking of bizarre beauty secrets, it’s the stars who are always the first to experience these promising new treatments. Most recently for them, a new trend has emerged: velaterapia, or more commonly described as burning your hair! It may sound strange, but it’s the latest thing. Just take a look at models like Alessandra Ambrisio, Isabeli Fontana and Barbara Fialho as proof of just how well this treatment works. No matter how risky is might sound, it’s well worth a try.

What Is It

Velaterapia literally burns the hair, eliminating split ends as well as hair burned and damaged from the use of hair dyes, hair bleach, flat irons and curling irons. It’s also used by many women who want to get rid of their split ends but keep their length. Because it replaces the use of scissors, it’s possible to keep hair long, but increase it’s shiny and healthy appearance. It actually serves to make the hair healthier and stronger despite the thinking that the heat will damage it. Don’t worry, your hair does not catch fire, though it’s probably not a treatment that you will want to try at home. Velaterapia, in fact, must be performed by an expert who knows the ins and outs of the treatment. The process lasts about two hours and can be repeated every three months. The secret is just to prepare the hair first.

Its Origins

The method comes from Brazil where it has been known for several years. It’s especially appreciated and used by models and actresses of Brazil and it’s well know that models have it done regularly. A treatment that has been immortalized through selfies taken during treatment and posted on online social media sites, like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it has grown exponentially in popularity as of late.
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