Bed Linen Etiquette - How To Keep Yours Fresh And Clean


How to take care of bed linen

Bed linen should be treated the same way you treat your clothing. It's an entirely personal thing and preferences vary from person to person. Some wear a garment once and then wash it before they wear it again. If you're someone who likes the smell of fresh clothes, then you'll probably enjoy climbing into a freshly made up bed in the evening. It's important to read washing instructions on all bed linen, especially the larger pieces that may need to be hand-washed. Sheets these days are specifically designed for the washing machine and tumble dryer and you can add scented disposable sheets to the wash that protect fabric and colour. Busy lives may not allow for sheet changes so general recommendations are at least once every two weeks. If you work-out and can't have a shower, or it's a particularly hot summer and you sweat more, your skin particles do attach to sheets.

How often should bed sheets be changed?

This too is a personal preference so do what feels right for you. Remember that the world of consumerism is always trying to tell us that we need to attend to personal hygiene and cleanliness. Changing bed sheets every day may be OK for hotels or those who work in the hospitality trade. It's not always necessary though. Bed sheet changes may be required if you've been ill or the sheets are torn or stained. If you own pets and they sleep on your bed, you're bound to accumulate animal hair. Still, who can resist the allure of fresh, clean sheets at the end of a busy working day? So, change your bed sheets whenever you want.

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