Bed Linen Etiquette - How To Keep Yours Fresh And Clean


Bed sets and sheets

Purchasing quality bed linen may seem like an unnecessary investment, when you have so many outstanding bills to pay. However, buying some decent duvets, pillows and sheets is worthwhile as quality materials last longer and they'll wash well. These days, with the rising rates in rent, many people are choosing to share rooms in a house, so their bedroom becomes the focal home point. If you are confined to one room, chances are your bed will be the centrepiece. Considering we spend a third of our lives sleeping, we should make that space as comfortable as possible. It makes sense then, to make your bed stand out and this can be done with a little bit of clever thought and organization. If you are strapped for cash, it's worth remembering that quality doesn't always have to have a brand name. Good bed linen is all about durable fabrics.

What to look out for

Before you buy anything, take a good look around your bedroom. Note the colours and shades of existing items like furniture, paint on windows, curtains, carpets and lighting fixtures. Aim to mix and match bed linen that blends with colour schemes. Far too often, we're temped by big and bolder prints that end up making a room look smaller than it is. Similarly, all-white sets can be hard to keep clean. Neutral colours that add a touch of warmth and character work best. Bed linen needs to be changed as per season so keep this in mind too. When choosing duvets and pillows, check the washing directions as these items also need to be cleaned now and then. When it comes to sheets, Egyptian cotton is the most durable and long-lasting material and it doesn't require much maintenance. Satin, lace and silk are all very pretty but not very practical, so it's best to buy bedspreads or quilts in these materials only. Your bed linen will last according to how you look after it so let's examine that.

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