Below Zero Breakers - The Phenomena Of Ice Waves Explained


Frozen planet

In 2011, the BBC decided to follow up on its hugely famous series' The Blue Planet and Planet Earth with a third instalment; Frozen planet. The smash-hit documentaries captured the hearts of millions with spectacular footage of far off places that most of us never knew even existed.
Below zero breakers - the phenomena of ice waves explained
Narrated by the great David Attenborough, the first two editions concentrated on what lies beneath the sea's surface, and how wonderful and extraordinary planet earth really is. In Frozen planet, Attenborough who is a sprightly ninety years of age, decided to teach us something about the harsh and uninhabitable environments that prevail in the Arctic and Antarctic. These polar regions have become the centre of much discussion and debate because of the current climate change and how global warming is affecting earth, animals and the human race. The series was shot in seven parts and gave an inside look at how temperature effects our surroundings.

Climate change and global warming

We are all aware of the dangers of global warming. Earthquakes, typhoons, volcano eruptions, twisters, tsunamis and other devastating catastrophes are becoming the norm in the last fifty years. Their frequency and intensity has grown and it's not because we have information technology that is capable of reporting more incidents.
Below zero breakers - the phenomena of ice waves explained
The rise in natural disasters such as these is being caused by a rise in the earth's temperature and the ever-present threat to the human race is most prevalent. Peculiar anomalies like switching seasons, abnormal plant growth, rising sea levels and changes in landscape are all a result of global warming. Occasionally, strange weather conditions create spectacles that are both emotionally moving and scary as they bear testimony to how the earth is constantly altering its geographical structure in an effort to cope. Some recent snaps taken by Jonathan Nimerfroh, in Nantucket, Massachusetts is a case of point.
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