Beware! Marketing Images Can Lead To Huge Disappointment


A dubious-looking owl

This product looks like a pumpkin with a nifty owl design drawn on the outer surface. In the first photo, the design is extremely professional and crystal clear. The owl is very realistic and the colours are flattering with the perfect clarity and contrasts for an appealing product. The photo to the right of the marketing picture bears virtually no resemblance to the perky owl you were expecting to see. Ok, so the nose is similar but that's pretty much where it ends. The pumpkin is mushy and unappealing. The carving is slapdash. Worst of all, there's a strange white substance on the front towards the bottom. Anyone buying this product would be horrified.

Would you buy this panini?

There's nothing better than a juicy tomato and mozzarella panini when you're starving hungry. It's perfect for vegetarians and the first photo makes the panini look absolutely delicious. The filling is generous and evenly spread within the two slices of bread. You can imagine biting into this and getting plenty of tasty nutrition while enjoying every single bite. However, when this customer bit into the real panini depicted below the marketing photo they were hugely disappointed. The person who had prepared this sandwich had seriously skimped on the filling, which amounted to nothing more than a couple of tomato slices and a little cheese in the middle. What a waste of money!

A slightly sad Big Mac

The McDonald's Big Mac is world-famous and has been around for years. You have to wonder why it's survived the test of time when you look at these two contrasting images. The marketing photo makes the Big Mac look plump and succulent. The filling is evenly spread between all layers and it's perfectly symmetrical. The problem lies in the marketing image, which looks almost too perfect. In reality, those making Big Macs day in day out are unlikely to make every single one look so perfect. They just don't have the time. You're more likely to get the Big Mac in photo 2, which is a little wonky and has rather sad looking filling. You'd probably still eat it though!
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