Beware! Marketing Images Can Lead To Huge Disappointment


An extremely disappointing ice cream

The cute little yellow face with adorable blue eyes and a cheeky smile looks extremely tempting. It's the kind of delicious ice cream parents would buy for their kids on a sunny day out. You can imagine the joy on a child's face as he/she peels back the wrapper of their blue bunny with gummy ball eyes. The only problem is the blue bunny inside the wrapper looks nothing like the depiction. In fact, it’s rather scary with sunken, droopy eyes and misshapen mouth. The shape of its face is rather sad too. It looks better with a big bite out of the side, don't you agree?!

The succulent burger that went horribly wrong

Imagine indulging in this delicious looking burger. The bun looks fresh and the layers of salad, tomatoes, onions, salsa and cheese look perfectly plump and juicy. Chomping into this would be the ideal way to kill those hunger pangs while giving you some wholesome nutrition. Now compare this to the picture of the real thing below the marketing image. The bun looks dented, there's no evidence of the wonderful layering effect you see in the first photo and soggy lettuce and droopy cheese are hanging out of the bun. What a disappointment!

The beautiful dress that turned into a baggy sack

Oh to look like the princess in the marketing image for this beautiful blue dress! You have to admit she is very slim but the dress fits perfectly and highlights the contours of her figure perfectly. The dress hugs her waist and bust and flows all the way down to the floor. However, when the customer received her dress and tried it on, the reality was far from the dream depicted in the first photo. The dress is baggy and had virtually no shape at all. It's totally unflattering and you couldn't blame the customer for wanting to return it straight away.
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