Bite Back With These 8 Natural Bedbug Remedies


1. Bed Bugs Hate Peppermint

The first method to try for solving a bedbug problem naturally is to use peppermint oil, which is a substance extracted from the flowers and leaves of the peppermint plant. As an insect sensitive to smells, bed bugs hate the strong odours of peppermint oil, and any hint of it will send them running. This minty essential oil is easily found online to buy and is very affordable in bottle form. To ensure that the peppermint oil is applied efficiently, mix an amount of the oil with water and use a bottle to spray your bed all over. If necessary, repeat this process a number of times until these critters get the message.
While peppermint oil is extremely useful, some care must be taken when deciding to use this method. In particular, make sure that yourself or anyone else in your household are not allergic to peppermint oil, as it may cause irritation and other undesirable reactions.

2. Diatomaceous Earth: The Bane of all Insects

Natural pesticides offer another effective alternative to the commercial solutions. A popular choice in this category is diatomaceous earth, a powdery substance that is made from naturally occurring sedimentary rock. This type of pesticide is essentially a rough abrasive for bed bugs and will kill them by either drying them out of cutting them up. Simply put some if this substance on any affected surface and leave it for at least a day. The bed bugs will walk over this stuff and die along with their eggs, which is why this is a particularly effective method. You can purchase diatomaceous earth online in bulk quantities at affordable rates. As a non-toxic powder, this is ideal for those that want to avoid the more extreme solutions, but take care when sprinkling this substance; when breathed in, diatomaceous earth can harm the lungs, and so should be vacuumed up immediately after it has had the desired effect.

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