Boobs Over Belly Button Challenge : A Body Image Affirming Viral Campaign

Discussion of women's body image has been a prevailing meta narrative among Western media in recent years, on both traditional print and broadcast media, and online social media and the blogosphere. Social media in particular, with its emphasis on users posting a "selfie" almost hourly or daily has seen several viral campaigns and even counter campaigns take off, especially in the area of body image for women.
A recent example of a viral campaign is the "Boobs over Belly Buttons". "Boobs over Belly Buttons" encourages women to check their breasts and to encourage positive messages about body image. This campaign was launched by lingerie manufacturer Curvy Kate and its cancer charity partner organisation CoppaFeel! "Boobs over Belly Buttons" aims at replacing a previous online viral trend, the "Belly Button Challenge".
The controversial "Belly Button Challenge", which originated among Chinese social media users, encourages women to pose for photographs depicting them reaching one hand behind their back and around their waist, in an attempt to touch their navel in the process. It has been claimed by some users posting the pictures that a medical study supports the idea that women unable to successfully complete the challenge are unfit and need to lose weight. However this claim of scientific proof remains unverified and unsubstantiated.
Unsurprisingly, this trend has received negative feedback, with many commentators expressing concerns that the viral campaign may lead to expressions of insecurity and shame regarding body image among women. In addition, it has been observed that this pose is more similar to a feat of contortion than an example of health and fitness, and may be more easily accomplished by women with abnormally flexible torsos or longer limbs, neither of which is necessarily an example of physical fitness or a good figure!
In contrast to the "Belly Button Challenge", the "Boobs over Belly Buttons" campaign is aimed at celebrating women's body shapes of all kinds. It encourages women to post photos online of them with one hand over their (brasserie clad) breast, demonstrating the importance of checking the breast for signs of cancer, as well as experiencing "what normal feels like" in the words of the company's own press release.
Cynical observers have dismissed Curvy Kate's campaign as little more than using its corporate social responsibility partnership with "Coppa Feel" as a self serving marketing ploy, as it is a form of free advertising for the manufacturer's products. Some online critics have also pointed out that Curvy Kate itself has only used photos of what would be considered extremely attractive and well endowed lingerie models in its campaign. However, overall the online response to the "Boobs over Belly Button" campaign has been overwhelmingly positive.

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