Boost Your Wi-Fi Connection With A Drinks Can

Can you really improve your Wi-Fi signal using a beer can?

If you have a weak Wi-Fi signal in some areas of your home, there is a simple and cheap way you can improve the connection using ordinary household objects.
Unbelievably, all you need is an empty aluminium drinks can, a pair of scissors or craft knife and a piece of sticky tack.

An easy trick to extend the signal from your router at home

We all use Wi-Fi more and more, whether it is to work on a lap top, a smart phone, TV or gaming system. Often, in the evenings, the whole family is trying to log on at the same time in rooms all over the house. It can be very frustrating to have a connection that is slow or keeps dropping out. It makes streaming videos difficult and looking up information for homework impossible, logging on to FaceBook can be time-consuming and checking emails a nightmare. Try this handy tip to extend your Wi-Fi range and speed things up for everyone in your home.

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