Box Cheese Grater - Four Unique Ways To Use It


Carrots and cabbage

You can use your box cheese grater to shred a variety of vegetables that are a bit too hard to use in a traditional mixer. Often these hard vegetables can damage the mechanics and blades long before their expiry date. To make a quick, easy and nutritional coleslaw salad, simply use the rougher side of the box cheese grater to slice cabbage and carrots. If you want to add a spot of variety to your coleslaw you can also slice in cucumbers, or radish. Then mix the slaw with some nice old-fashioned mayonnaise. Chill and serve with your favourite salad accompaniments. You can also use the box cheese grater to grate these vegetables separately and enjoy them as healthy and tasty snacks in between meals. Again, you can use these vegetables in portions by storing them in the freezer compartment so you get more value for your money.

Tasty tomato sauce

Meal times for most families can be time consuming, so we often opt for packets, jars and tins of ready-made sauces, but you can make your very own delicious, home-made tomato sauce using the box cheese grater. Choose some fresh beef tomatoes (the larger the better) and simply cut them in half.
Box cheese grater - four unique ways to use it
Place the cheese grater inside a large bowl so you don't lose any of the juice. Using the rougher side of the grater, run the open ended side of the tomatoes along the side. The grater will strip the tomato of the juice and you'll be left with nothing but the outer skin when you're done. Add some olive oil salt and pepper to taste and simmer in a pan. Make some pasta of your choice and pour the tomato sauce all over it. Now you have a simple, easy nutritious dish that can be prepared and cooked in under thirty minutes. Plus, the home-made sauce tastes better than anything you'll buy in a supermarket.

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