Box Cheese Grater - Four Unique Ways To Use It


Perfect peppers

Many of us have a box style cheese grater in the kitchen and we never use it for anything else but cheese-grating. However, this small kitchen appliance can be utilized to serve many cooking purposes, you just have to use your imagination. Most of us turn to the chopping board when we want to slice up vegetables like potatoes, onions, garlic and carrots, but the box cutter is sturdy and strong enough to handle semi-soft veg. If you're putting together a quick stir fry for instance, try using your cheese grater instead of the chopping board. It slices through peppers easily and evenly. Simply cut the peppers in half and run the open sides along the grain. This takes away the hassle of traditional cutting and trimming, saving you time and energy to boot.

Shredding spices

No good kitchen should be without a decent spice rack but many of us like the idea of fresh produce in our culinary delights. These days, many people chose to grow their own herbs and spices either in the garden or along a kitchen windowsill. If you haven't access to either of these options, you might prefer to get your fresh produce locally and this means they'll probably be packaged in their original state. Bulbs, roots and stems that are whole like ginger, cinnamon sticks and nutmeg can be shred into spices using the box cheese grater. By using the side that has the smallest holes, the spices will naturally grind. This saves you the energy expended on a traditional mortar and pestle, plus you can grate the spices one piece at a time, and store the remaining produce in the freezer compartment.

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