Boyzlife: Tour Dates Set For Westlife-Boyzone Mash-up.

Two behemoths of the UK boyband scene in the late 90s and early 2000s have, after much speculation, come together to form Boyzlife, a mash-up of Westlife and Boyzone. Currently, the supergroup consists of former Westlife crooner Brian McFadden and Boyzone star Keith Duffy, who came up with the collaborative idea and pitched it to the other band members.

Past Successes with McBusted Have Paved the Way

It seems the success of McBusted, another combination of two well-known UK pop bands, has prompted the Irish hit-makers to jump on the bandwagon and reap the rewards of this successful trend. Busted and McFly joined forces in 2013 and performed to a sell-out tour around the UK as well as making it into the top ten album chart.

Band Discussions Began in 2015

According to The Sun, plans for a Boyzone-Westlife supergroup were first mooted during Ronan Keating's wedding in 2015, when members of both bands descended upon Scotland to celebrate the occasion. Speaking to the Sun, Brian Mcfadden expressed his excitement at the prospect of performing alongside his fellow Irish singers, saying “we all had a chat, the lads. We said it would be amazing.”

Future Participation from Other Members

In statements made to the Press Association a month ago, Ronan Keating also didn't rule out a range of future collaborations, including with other bands such as Girls Aloud. Although Keating neither confirmed nor denied that he would be joining the supergroup in the future, he expressed his interest in the idea of collaborating with various bands, saying “it'd be fun I think to do something like that, definitely.”

Stars Currently Doing their Own Thing

Both bands are either on a hiatus or have broken up permanently, with both groups concentrating on their own music, TV work and business ventures. However, the 25th anniversary commemorating Boyzone's formation will bring together one half of the potential supergroup in two years' time.
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