British Company Set To Give Women Time Off During Their Monthly Cycle.

In an attempt to create a more productive and happier work environment, British company Coexist is looking to enact a new initiative that will see women given paid leave during their monthly cycle. With what some are calling a “period policy”, the company hopes to change the stigma around this common women’s issue which affects roughly half the population, causing pain and discomfort that many are still afraid to admit when in the workplace. Company director, Bex Baxter, sympathizes with female workers who have to suffer through their painful periods. Despite being in pain and not up to working, many women still do because these issues aren’t considered traditional ailments. At Coexist, however, women who are experiencing their pains from their monthly cycle are encouraged to go home, just as anyone else in pain would.

The First of Its Kind In the UK

The next step, however, was to put in place a policy that covered these issues specifically, instead of putting it down to just any illness, in this way, recognizing that all women feel this regularly. Coexist employs 31 people, seven of which are men, and this policy aims to increase productivity for all employees. Instead of the suggestion that taking time off work decreases productivity, Baxter counters that argument, stating that people work best in cycles—when women are on their periods, they aren’t in a state to work, but instead should come back stronger when it’s over.
She adds that her team has always been generous and allowed her to take the time off when it’s needed, but until now, there hasn’t been a formal policy or guidelines. But the implementation of this new policy seems to be met with approval by both men and women in the office.

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