British Stag Party Forces Flight To Divert


A stag party of twelve Southampton lads forced a flight carrying 170 passengers to divert from its planned route to Bratislava in Slovakia on Friday, instead stopping off in Berlin. Six of the revellers in the group were subsequently arrested in the German capital city for disorderly conduct.

Wonderful Brits Abroad

Brits abroad have a less than favourable reputation among foreigners – especially in popular stag do destinations like Bratislava, the Slovakian capital city these twelve 20-something men were headed for. Typical of most incidents involving Brits abroad, booze was a big factor, but it's not often you hear about Brits causing trouble before they have even landed at their destination!


Many Witnesses Were Looking On

Departing from Luton Airport, witnesses say the revellers were intoxicated in the check-out area, with one fellow passenger, Reza Heravi, telling the BBC that the men were clearly drunk before the plane had lifted off the tarmac; the group were even causing problems as the plane was taking off, singing and standing up.

The witness also went on to say that one person in the group “exposed himself to an air hostess” after pulling his trousers down.

They also “decided to have a fight between themselves,” says Reza, while another witness, Darius Davies, on-board the flight heard some men “catcalling the stewardesses.” Darius also witnessed the group's drunken behaviour before they boarded the flight, saying “one of the men had been given a lot of pints to down.”

Questions for the Airline

If this is the case, questions will now be raised about the decision to allow these people on the flight in the first place. Most airlines have policies about boarding intoxicated people, and the UK Flight Safety Committee, as well as authorities around the world, give advice and guidance about intoxicated passengers, indicating that it's hazardous to accept evidently drunk passengers.

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