Broken Nails? Repair Them With A Tea Bag

Your hands can be thought of as a physical "business card". It is always better if they appear soft, manicured and free from cracked or dry skin. Of course, well-manicured nails are another massive concern. With the literal explosion of nail art in recent years, bold and eye-catching designs can very well become the "protagonist" of your personal story when meeting a friend or colleague. It goes without saying that an attention to nails is now a major concern for females of all ages and walks of life. Whether referring to those who prefer a minimalist appearance to the female who hopes to make an impact with boldness and colour, maintaining these nails is a priority. Unfortunately, the use of products such as varnishes and solvents can actually weaken the structure of your nails with long-term use. This is even more of a concern for those who already have naturally fragile nails. What happens if a nail breaks and threatens to ruin the appearance of your entire hand? Of course, the nail can simply be cut down to its base. The issue with this solution is that the entire hand will remain "unbalanced" for up to ten days. Is there a better remedy to help repair a broken nail?

Simpler Than You Think

Many women will be pleasantly surprised that there is an easy solution for such a condition. All that is required to repair a broken nail are an average tea bag, specialised nail glue and a transparent file. How can these items be used? First, take the tea bag and cut a small strip from the top; slightly larger than width of the nail that you intend to repair. Place this strip upon the nail to make certain that its dimensions are sufficient to cover the area to be fixed. If not, make further adjustments.

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