Bumblebee Boy - A Tale Of Extraordinary Courage And Love


A fathers heartbreak

Fulvio Lupario, Mattia Lupario's father still recalls the day when he was called into a doctors surgery to be told the devastating news about his son's illness. Mattia was diagnosed with a chronic motor disability at the tender age of six months. Mattia would be severely impaired for life and he wasn't expected to live for very long. His parents, who are both sport and fitness teachers were absolutely gutted to think their son would never enjoy these everyday activities. Still, the loving couple vowed to do the very best for their adorable son who almost immediately displayed a sunny disposition and a lust for life. As time passed, Mattia defied all odds by continuing to grow and adjust to his limited motor skills by using his eyes and big happy grin. Fulvio never stopped thinking up new ways to help his son and enhance his life experience and one specific idea was to bring untold joy.

Success story

Mattia is wheelchair bound, and his father wanted to explore new ways that would help them both have more quality and fun time together. Fulvio knew his son had a passion for paint.
Bumblebee boy - a tale of extraordinary courage and love
In his workshop, he decided to attach paint brushes to the wheels of the wheelchair and soon Mattia began to take advantage of them. At first Mattia would glide along large canvas sections and just have fun, but gradually his paintings began to take extraordinary shape and form. Today his paintings are works of art for all to admire. His father refers to him as a bumblebee; he has no wings but he is determined to fly regardless. We hope both these angels continue to soar because they are a prime example of what real success looks like.
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