Bumblebee Boy - A Tale Of Extraordinary Courage And Love


What is a motor disability?

Cerebral Palsy (motor disability) is a chronic condition that effects a persons basic body functions. Mobility tasks which we take for granted that are carried out by mind commands don't commute to the body so, performing average acts like walking, carrying, handling, can become almost impossible. This impairment which interferes with vital limb use, has serious implications on the sufferers quality of life. They may not be able to carry out regular routines like the tying of shoe laces, brushing teeth, climbing, washing etc. and this makes them dependent on a helper. Many people who suffer from this condition are confined to wheelchairs and this in itself presents a whole host of other problems relating to transport and general mobility concerns. For those born with a congenital disability and their loved ones, adjustment to life can be difficult and painful.

What causes motor disabilities?

Motor disabilities which effect the extremities can occur at birth. Muscle co-ordination disorders of this kind are usually a result of brain development during pregnancy. The brain is responsible for sending messages to muscles to move, and this part of the brain may have been damaged when developing in the womb.
Bumblebee boy - a tale of extraordinary courage and love
While illnesses like Cerabral Palsy are progressive, and there's no known cure to date, many things can be done to make the patient's life more tolerable; physiotherapy, mobility training which includes methods that concentrate on improving muscle control. Spina Bifida is another motor disability which is caused by the spine not knitting together during foetal development. This can cause partial or complete paralysis. These conditions are debilitating and difficult to live with, so it's always a joy to hear how someone has turned what looks like a tragedy into a triumph. One such person is Mattia Luparia from Turin.
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