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Limousine companies have been quick to cash in on the growing trend and are always looking for ways to up-date the interior design with new accessories being added all the time. Some want to extend the length of a limo to record-breaking proportions, and that's why they're called stretch limos. One wonders just how far the stretch can go before the limo simply can't manoeuvre corners? One American limo company decided to push it to the max and the result is truly impressive.

Cadillac Convoy

An American company has put together what they claim is the longest limo in the world. Standing at a staggering one-hundred feet long, it has a total of twenty-six wheels keeping it roadworthy. This limo is decked out in the usual features synonymous with your average stretch limo interior. There are bar facilities, entertainment centres and of course the traditional plush seating areas and blackened windows for privacy. However, because of the sheer length involved, they've added some extra features that make it even more special. If you fancy a nap while travelling it has its own sleeping quarters. There's two separate driver cabins for extra comfort too. They even installed a full size jacuzzi, a pool complete with outer decking and a helipad for those unannounced guests who just want to drop in and say hello.CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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