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Limo love

Our love for limos continues to grow and so does our demand for bigger, better models that are fully equipped with all mod cons and conveniences. Many moons ago, a limo was something that was exclusive to royalty or star celebrities. These days, limo hire is common and it can be used for all kinds of special occasions from birthday parties, religious celebrations, weddings and rare events which require a more sophisticated mode of transport. The interest in all things limousine started in the USA and soon caught on in Europe as affordable prices and accessibility began to grow. It's not unusual now for people to rent a limo for a special night out like a hen party or stag do, and some just like the idea of taking a ride in a superior people carrier that will draw attention from speculating strangers.

The stretch limo

The bigger and better trend isn't set to slow down in an age that sees competitive natures go head to head. In the USA, parents think nothing of hiring a limo for children's parties like a sweet sixteen bash. Religious occasions like a Bar Mitzvah or holy communion see parents running for their wallets as children compete to have the biggest and best festivities on the block. CONTINUE ON THE NEXT PAGE...
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