Caffeine Crazy? Try Our Ten Tips For Used Coffee Grounds.

Coffee is a great way to start the day and give you a wake-up shot of caffeine, and for many people nowadays coffee is the drink of choice throughout the day. If you are a coffee lover, you'll be using freshly ground coffee daily, whether you own an up to the minute bean to coffee machine or buy your coffee ready ground and use a cafetière. Caffeine Crazy? Try Our Ten Tips For Used Coffee Grounds Any way you brew, you'll know that delicious fresh coffee creates a fair amount of coffee ground residue. So should you simply bin it or is there another use for it? In these cost cutting and eco-conscious days, why not consider at least one of these ten enterprising and useful ideas to re-use and recycle coffee grounds.

1. Antique Your Crafts!

The golden brown colour of coffee is an ideal dye matter for creating crafts with that desirable antiqued look. Simply dab a damp cloth or paper towel into some coffee grounds and apply to card or paper to create a dappled, age-stained look that can be used in lots of ways such as card-making. If your children have a school topic that requires the creation of a treasure map or a letter from the past, use the same technique to age the paper then let it dry before completing the writing and decoration. Caffeine Crazy? Try Our Ten Tips For Used Coffee Grounds This method can also be used to give a pleasing sepia shade to fabric - add the grounds to hot water and soak the fabric for an hour or so before washing. Repeat the process if necessary until the desired shade is reached. This works best on natural fibres, but if you're using fabric with a man-made component add a cup of vinegar to the dye bath as a mordant to help the dye take. Animal fibres like pure wool will take the dye particularly well, so if you're a knitter or spinner this is a great method to use to give a variety of shades to white or natural wool. You could even dip dye skeins of wool so that a natural striped effect is created when you knit!
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