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Calm Your Crying Infant Using

All parents understand just how upsetting it is when babies cry and sometimes it's hard to know the reasons or get infants to stop crying. When feeding and nappy changing don't seem to work and trapped wind doesn't seem to be the problem then coping with an infant that is crying on a regular basis really can cause major problems to carers. Lack of sleep can cause carers to become irritable and depressed parents and carers will often make babies cry even more.

Santa Monica pediatrics center offers technique to calm any crying infants

The Pacific Ocean Pediatrics Center in Santa Monica, California believes "the hold" is the way to soothe crying babies and Dr Robert Hamilton has perfected this technique over his 26 years as a paediatrician.He demonstrated the technique to Buzzfeed and the video shows just how quickly "the hold" works with a variety of crying newborns and tiny infants. Any parent wanting to learn this technique should follow the procedure outlined below.

How to do "the hold"

Dr Hamilton got used to crying babies a long time back. He's the one that gives them regular injections and he says "the hold" works best on infants between birth and the age of three months. In actuality it's a little like swaddling a baby in a blanket but using your hands to wrap the child, the warmth of your hands will soothe the baby and being wrapped up into an envelope shape is always a great way to calm infants that are newly emerged from the constriction of their mother's womb.
Anyway, you need to pick up the baby and hold him/her at an angle of about 45 degrees, with your palm spread under the baby's bottom so that all your fingers are fully engaged just like a little seatbelt keeping the tot in place.
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