Can't Boil An Egg? - We Show You How In Four Easy Steps


Get cooking

Turn your gas ring or electric ring on full power. Wait until the water is at boiling point. As soon as it is, turn the heat down to a slow simmer. Now comes the hard part; deciding how well done you want the eggs. If you want hard-boiled eggs with a solid centre, it usually takes five to seven minutes to gain that consistency.
Can't boil an egg? - We show you how in four easy steps
If you like an egg that has a solid exterior but you want the middle part runny, reduce cooking time accordingly. A soft centre usually requires about three to four minutes. If you have an egg timer set it as soon as the water is boiling. If you don't have an egg-timer, then use the cooker timer instead. Don't wander off, even if you've set an alarm. Many stove alarms only give one bell when the time is up and you mightn't hear it. This will lead to water being evaporated, a burnt pot and a terrible stink in your kitchen. Don't forget to use your kitchen egg-cups for convenience sake.

Get stuck in

To make the most of your culinary masterpiece, make some nice toast from freshly cut bread, and use real butter, preferably while you're waiting for your boiled egg to cool down. If you've cooked a soft-centred egg, you might want to make accompanying soldiers. Simply slice the toast into rectangular shapes that you can dip easily into the middle. Lob off the top of the hard-boiled egg and season with pepper and salt. Pat yourself on the back for making a super nutritious meal for one, and don't forget that all important cup of tea.

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