Can't Boil An Egg? - We Show You How In Four Easy Steps


Getting started

We've all heard the expression; he/she can't boil an egg. But boiling an egg can be difficult, because personal taste differs. A simple task like this can cause many to break out in a cold sweat because the egg is either too runny or overdone. There is such a thing as egg-etiquette though, and it's worth learning because the humble egg is so full of good nutrients and a stable protein food filled with natural goodness. It's also an easy ingredient to work with as there's no preparation involved and it's so versatile you can use it as an ingredient in many dishes. Eggs are perfect in salads, make the base for quiches, an essential ingredient in tasty baking treats and the main ingredient in omelettes. Some even drink eggs whipped raw with a little milk as a dietary supplement, as it's a great pick-me-up when you're tired or ill.

Equipment and produce

It's true to say you can't boil an egg if you don't buy any. However, there's so much choice and produce around it's easy to get confused by labels such as free-range, corn-fed, organic etc. Some say there's a huge difference in taste between traditional regular eggs and their organic counterparts. Before you choose yours, ask yourself if you're going to use them all immediately. Organic goods are fresh and not designed to be kept in the fridge for days. Free-range are larger and tastier but they're often way more expensive. Once you've purchased your babies, make sure you have a large pot for boiling them in and put the eggs in the water before you boil it, as many crack eggs this way because they end up dropping them due to the steam coming from the boiling water. Make sure the eggs are well covered so no cracks can occur, then turn on the electric plate or gas ring.

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