Can You Name Your Ten Most Beautiful Beaches In The World?


Whether you are a seasoned travel, take the occasional holiday abroad, or just enjoy reading travel guides, you no doubt already know which beaches you would like to visit. Are any of these ten of the most beautiful beaches in the world, on your bucket list?

Elafonissi Beach, Greece:

This beach really is one of the world’s top ten beaches to visit, according to one of the largest holiday guides. Situated on Crete, one of 227 inhabited Greek Islands, it sits on the coast 75 km from Chania. Although the name means ‘Deer Island,’ you won’t find any deer here. Elafonissi is a tiny island 200 metres off the beach, separated from the land by a 200 metre lagoon. With clear blue water a maximum one metre in depth, paddling across takes a couple of minutes. As you can imagine Elafonissi attracts thousands of daily visitors in the height of the season. So, if you’re not a big crowd lover, visiting early or later in the season, would be best.

Anse Lazio, Praslin Island, Seychelles:

You could probably fill a list of top ten beaches in the Seychelles alone. Anse Lazio though, is a particular favourite. Situated on the northwest of the island, its light sandy beaches seem to stretch for ever. With thick takamaka and palm trees edging the beach, and its clear, deep blue water stretching to the seaward horizon, the whole scene whispers exotic. You could be forgiven for thinking you were all alone as you lay soaking up the sun. For the more active, snorkelling around the edge of the bay will show up a myriad of brightly coloured fish. One of the Seychelles favourite tourist destinations, something for everyone can be found on Praslin Island. For the nature lovers many of the extremely rare birds which live on Praslin spend their time in the island’s rain forests. A trip into the jungle area is a photographer’s paradise, and staying at one of the beautiful hotels near the beach provides for a holiday of a lifetime.

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