Cancer: The Test To Find Out If You Will Have It (And Where). Here’s How It Works

Called the disease of the century (we speak of the twentieth century but is also valid for the twenty first, too), cancer is an illness that has a very high mortality rate due to the fact that it can show up suddenly, in many parts of the body and currently does not have a cure. Cancer is a terrible beast that attacks the body quickly, presenting tumours nearly anywhere in the body, and once diagnosed, changes the life of the person who was hit as well as the friends and family around them, usually for the worst, though in some cases it's treatable. Today, a test that analyzes your DNA in order to find traces of the disease may soon be available to each of us and cost anywhere from $500 to $1000.

How The Test Will Work

It is a simple blood test that every person will have to opportunity to take, helping to ease the minds of those that fear they may be genetically dispositioned. It can help to discover within each person's DNA, whether they are susceptible to certain forms of cancer. Grail, a US company looking to enter the open market hopes the blood test will become a regular, standard test, repeated every two years in order to indicate any signs of having the disease, even going so far as to find out where it would manifest in the body. Grail is making great strides in bringing this test to the public with financing and investments, sourced by a select few companies who are looking to find a cure and put an end to this terrible, often time deadly disease.

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