Cashier Crisis - When The Customer Isn't Always Right


One cashiers experience

An anonymous checkout employee reported how she once worked in a large office supplies shop, to supplement her ongoing college fees. The school term rolled around and the shop was enjoying its busiest business period. There were long queues of anxious customers waiting their turn to check out and the cashier was working as hard as she could, when a lady and her young daughter arrived at the till. The woman proceeded to throw her purchases on the checkout desk and presented discount vouchers. The check out girl was polite and courteous tallying up the purchases and scanning the discount vouchers, when she realized that one of them wasn't eligible. She calmly tried to explain the situation to the woman, but the woman became irate demanding to see the Manager while telling her daughter how she wanted her to go to college because she did not want her ending up in a dead-end job like the cashier.

The customer isn't always right

The cashier while embarrassed and upset, kept calm and duly called for the Manager as per the customers demand. She mumbled that she was herself going to college and the job was part-time to help fund her attendance, but the rude customer ignored her. The Manager had been close by and heard everything and when he arrived at the scene he challenged the woman to repeat her invective. When she did, he removed all of her purchases and asked her to kindly leave the shop. The woman was enraged and complained how badly she was being treated. The Manager pointed out how badly she was treating his staff and that he didn't want her business. If only more managers would stand up for their staff like this.
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