Cashier Crisis - When The Customer Isn't Always Right


Customer service

We all take for granted the thousands of employees who work around the clock in retail outlets; restaurants, grocery stores, newsagents and chemists. But many of us don't even stop to register their faces let alone mutter a quick thank you. Working in the retail industry is probably one of the hardest jobs to do because the pay can be a below average wage and the hours anti-social. In our busy modern world, we've become accustomed to getting anything we want immediately and this has led to twenty-four hour, seven day a week services, and most of them are run by people who work hard and get very little reward for their efforts. The local grocery store is the heartbeat of any community and most of us have to stock up on provisions in supermarkets at least once a week, but do we treat the staff of such places with the respect they deserve?

Common complaints

When we receive a shoddy service or product, we are quick to announce it to anyone who will listen. While the internet has brought us great advantages like choice online shopping, it has its down side too when it comes to retail. Employees who work on the front line frequently complain that customers are apt to accuse them of being rude when they are simply stating terms and conditions of a sale. Some staff even find themselves being fired when a customer takes to information technology to complain and doesn't report the accurate facts. Sadly, the internet provides a platform where anonymity is guaranteed and this gives people the opportunity to abuse people who are just trying to do their job. However, occasionally a story breaks where cashiers are vindicated by their bosses, as is the case in this story.
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