Cayenne Pepper: A Real Cure For The Heart And So Much More.

The Cayenne Pepper takes its name from the place of its origin, the Cayenne region of French Guiana. This plant has amazing and varied health properties. The powder, made from grinding dried Cayenne peppers, has been used to flavour cooking and in medicine as a natural remedy, for thousands of years. Currently gaining popularity for its cleansing and detox properties, Cayenne has many surprising health benefits.

Helps to reduce inflammation

From the chilli pepper family, Cayenne contains high level of ‘capsaicin’, which gives it the heat we associate with Chilli Peppers. Capsaicin has been studied in laboratories and tested on animals to see how it works and the results have shown that it’s an effective treatment for nerve pain, including pain associated with arthritis. In tests, animals that were injected with a substance to cause inflammatory arthritis were then given a diet of capsaicin. The results showed they had delayed onset of arthritis and significantly reduced inflammation in their limbs. The exact mechanism of action takes place when capsaicin helps to block something called substance 'P', basically a chemical signaller in the brain that plays a major role in the inflammatory and pain response in our bodies. As well as being effective in treating arthritis, capsaicin is excellent in relieving pain from diabetic neuropathy, rheumatic pains, fibromyalgia, pain in the joints and other swellings.

Helps to prevent migraines

Migraine is usually caused by a restriction in the blood vessels in the head. Cayenne pepper can help because it's thought to equalise the blood pressure across the whole body and therefore relieve pressure in the head. Capsaicin also releases endorphins in our bodies. Endorphins are a type of neurotransmitter produced by the body and used internally as a pain killer. They're a strong analgesic that induces a sense of happiness and pleasurable feelings because they react with our opiate receptors in the brain. This can lead to feelings of euphoria but, when the receptors are triggered by natural processes as opposed to taking opium and/or morphine, it's not addictive. Instead, you'll have a sense of well-being with a natural come-down that can be easily pepped-up again when you have your next capsaicin intake. The release of endorphins also lowers blood pressure and is thought to be an important factor in the fight against cancer.

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