Cesia And Marcus - Fighting Homelessness With The Heart


Cesia and Marcus meet

Twenty-five year old Cesia Abigail owns and runs a small eating establishment called Abi's Cafe. One day she was working when a homeless man wandered into her cafe looking for something to eat. The man had no money to buy the food and while Cesia could commiserate, she found herself becoming irritated with his presence and the fact that he was asking for something for nothing. Cesia decided to challenge the man head on and asked him why he didn't get a job like everyone else. The man, whose name was Marcus, explained that he had a long criminal record which employers could find out about and because of it no-one was willing to give him a job. This meant he had no choice but to beg on the streets for food. Cesia, paused for a moment to think about this, and then made a decision that would change both their lives forever.

A done deal

Cesia decided to take a chance on the poor homeless man and worked out an offer he couldn't refuse. She asked him would he be willing to take a job in her kitchen washing dishes for two hours. The man agreed. She gave him a sandwich which he kindly shared with another homeless person and then he got to work. The next day he returned and he's been working in the kitchen for two hours every day since. Cesia hopes to offer Marcus the job on a permanent basis if things keep going the way they are. If only other business entrepreneurs could take the attitude that Cesia is taking. The homeless problem is a social one. Therefore, we are all responsible in some way, as societies are made up of human beings and nothing more.
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