Cesia And Marcus - Fighting Homelessness With The Heart


The plight of the homeless

We could take the overall view, that the plight of the homeless is a self-inflicted problem, but there's no black and white explanation as to how it comes about. Certainly, in the last decade, the economic downturn which struck globally in 2007, played a big part. Many assume that the loss of homes and mass eviction occurred because too many people were living beyond their means. This might be true for some but the majority of cases were the victims of a banking system gone crazy, a financial disaster on the stock markets and a worldwide unemployment epidemic. It's easy for folks to judge when they haven't walked in the tattered shoes of those who lost everything. It's easy to assume these people never worked and their hobo existence, (taking free handouts from state funds and deliberately turning to drugs) is something they willingly chose.

How homelessness happens

It's true to say, the homeless pandemic has spread far and wide and yes, the global crash in 2007 certainly didn't help, but having no home usually occurs when there are several different problems at play. Financial distress is only of them. Interviews with homeless people can unearth startling facts about social and familial difficulties that also play a significant role in the homeless plight. Many flee their family homes when they are repeatedly subjected to physical, mental and emotional abuse. It's simply not safe to live at home because of continuous threats to health. This in turn forces the homeless person to adapt to society and the harshness of their reality in any way they can. Becoming addicted to drugs, participating in criminal activities and turning to alternative ways are all attempts to survive. Fortunately, there are some exceptional people who intuitively understand this. People like Cesia Abigail, for instance.
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