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Charlize Theron Poses Nude For W Magazine (THE PHOTO ON PAGE 2)


Charlize Theron's Early Experiences

As well as appearing in the smouldering photo, Charlize Theron took a moment to talk to the editor of W, Lynn Hirschberg, about some of her formative early experiences. Looking incredibly youthful, whilst wearing a casual long sleeved jersey, emblazoned with "Jefferson", Theron shared her memory of a time when she was seven and should have been asleep. She walked into the room and caught a love scene from the movie "Body Heat" where two characters are lying under some white sheets and behaving in a rather intimate manner! Theron laughingly said that she was aware of the differences between boys and girls! Maybe the white sheets used in the W magazine photoshoot reminded Charlize of this early memory!

Brie Larson's Early Determination

Other leading Hollywood stars that appear in the number are Amy Schumer, Mya Taylor, Samuel L. Jackson, and Brie Larson, who was filled with excitement for the Academy Award nomination for her role in "Room". "I always wanted to act. I started going to auditions from the age of seven and I started with the commercials," said Larson, who was photographed wearing a stunning Armani coat. Apparently, Larson was so eager to start acting that she once memorized an entire monologue prior to the audition for a fish-finger commercial. The director, however, was looking for just the 'cute kids' and was not interested in hearing her prepared speech. Poor Larson ended up sobbing to her mother, saying,"They won't let me act!" between sobs. He did not give her the part, but Larson feels that the experience certainly made her stronger and helped to put her on the right track. It's certainly true that her ambition and talent have helped her to become one of Hollywood's most promising actors.
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