Charlize Theron Poses Nude For W Magazine (THE PHOTO ON PAGE 2)


Carlize Theron's Natural Beauty Stands Out in the February Issue of W Magazine

The beautiful 40-year-old actress was photographed by Peter Lindbergh in some stylish black-and-white shots that perfectly showcased Theron's natural beauty. Charlize Theron was completely au naturel in the latest issue of W Magazine. The actress is just one of the 31 stars who have featured in the annual issue of the movie magazine, but her particular charm undoubtedly helps her to stand out from the crowd. In the image taken by photographer Peter Lindbergh, Charlize is completely beautiful, nestled on a bed with white sheets, with hardly any trace of makeup, and her trademark short blonde hair left uncombed and tousled. In fact, the only thing Charlize wore was a Dior Fine Jewlry ring on the third finger of her left hand!

Imperator Furious' Missing Arm

In the accompanying article, the actress talks about her role in her latest movie "Mad Max: Fury Road." The New York Post described her portrayal of the role as the "female of the year." Theron talks about her character, Imperator Furious, in "Mad Max: Fury Road," who only has one arm. The film does not explain the backstory for the missing limb, it simply 'is.' Charlize Theron explains that she felt that this 'broken' element to the character helped to give her a sense of gravitas, that might otherwise have been missing. The character of Imperator Furious is certainly as violent and compelling to watch as Mad Max himself - at one point Theron's shaven-headed character bonds with Tom Hardy, who plays Mad Max, by almost killing each other in a bloodthirsty fight! However, as Theron says, Imperator Furious is definitely portrayed as a whole human being who simply happens to be an amputee.
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