Check Out These Fantastic Images Of Kids Taking Naps In Unusual Places


1 - Chairs Are Great for Sleeping on Apparently

After a hectic day of running around and playing with his toys, this little one couldn't go any longer and decided to skip dinner and sleep in his chair.

It turns out chairs are multi-functional in the mind of a child, although it doesn't look too comfortable. Nonetheless, it's an adorable photo that I’m sure many parents can relate to. Children certainly do sleep in weird positions that just need to be photographed and shared.


2 - Kid Discovers Another Use for the Toilet

This kid decided the toilet seat was the perfect surface to rest her head on and take a well-earned nap. Totally normal! In any case, it can't be too comfortable! She probably slid right off after a while. You really have to be tired to sleep on a toilet, but kids are professionals at finding weird and wonderful places to take naps.

Perhaps this was her way of getting out of brushing her teeth. A cunning plan, but rather than her parents taking her to bed, they got the camera out. Better luck next time!

3 - Baby Takes a Nap in a Shoe

You won't find your bed in there, kid! Shoes are certainly designed to be comfy, but I don't think the manufacturers of these shoes had this in mind when they were making them.

This kid is a maverick! Sleeping soundly after a hard day's play, what better place to rest your head than in a trainer, where you can recharge the batteries without having to slope off to bed. It might smell a bit, though, which makes this even more impressive. Babies sleep in strange places, but this is a new one. It's certainly a cute snap from the parents.

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