Chin Up Or Thumbs Down? What Your Chin Really Says About You


6. Square chin

People who have square-shaped chins are rather direct and brutal. Their forthright honesty may not always be well received though. They have a wilful, stubborn streak that often lands them in hot water. On the other hand, this same rigidity means they get things done. The square-chinned person doesn't mince words and this comes from an inability to articulate and express their feelings and emotions. This can make them appear cold and aloof when in reality, they are nothing of the sort.Square chin Those born with a square-shaped chin can also suffer from pride, but we all know pride comes before a fall and these folk fall all the time. Sadly, because of the twin characteristics of forwardness and a seemingly cold nature, these people are apt to spend many nights alone. What's even more lamentable is they can never quite understand why this happens.

5. Short (narrow) chin

People born with a short or narrow chin tend to be the philosophers of life. They think deeply and are stimulated by intellectual pursuits. Because they spend a lot of their time living inside their heads, they can appear obsessed with self and even self-centred to others around them. This also paves the way for a lot of self-criticism and analysing and they can at times project this same nit-picking onto their loved ones.Short (narrow) chin Those with a short or narrow chin can come across as highly intelligent beings, but this obsession with all things brain-related can make them appear a little cold. As with all pensive individuals, there's a real risk that they can turn into hypochondriacs, constantly and continuously poring over imaginary symptoms. If you've been born with a short or narrow chin, you might learn a lot from just letting go of thought patterns and processes once in a while.
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