Chinese Kerching - The Dynasty Song Bowl That's Worth Millions


A rare oddity

A family, who remain anonymous were out browsing at a local yard sale when they came across a very interesting looking bowl. The bowl was white in colour and about five inches in width. inscribed along the outside and appeared to be in pretty good condition. The family thought it was worth the hefty three dollar price tag and parted company with the selling owners who had a plethora of other items for sale around the garden. The new owners put the bowl on the mantelpiece but in 2007, decided to get a second professional opinion about its history and origin. They sent it off to London to be studied by Giuseppe Eskenazi, a renowned dealer who worked at Sotheby's auction house.

Crockery of gold

Giuseppe Eskenazi set about examining the strange bowl in his own habitat and soon declared that it was from The Northern Song Dynasty era which ruled China almost one thousand years ago. The auctioneer could only compare it to one other similar bowl which had sat in the British Museum for many decades.
Chinese Kerching - the Dynasty Song bowl that's worth millions
He said when put to auction it was likely to sell for around £200,000 to £300,000 at the time of evaluation. However, when the bowl was finally purchased at a private auction, it went for a massive 2.2 million dollars. One has to wonder how the family reacted when they heard the good news, and one can only imagine the horror the original family felt when they discovered the bowls real worth. Maybe we should all take greater care when selling odd bric-a-brac in yard sales, lest we flog a piece of crockery that could make us millionaires over night.
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